Toe nail trims Monday nights 5 pm -7 pm.

Starting in September Tuesday and Friday 12-1 for walk-ins.
Excludes the first and third Tuesday

Keep Those Paws in Good Shape

Keep Those Paws in Good Shape

Get your pet's toenails trimmed today

Trying to trim your squirming pet's toenails can be an exercise in futility. Turn to Lori Loves Pets for dog and guinea pig nail trimming services. Our experts can use traditional nail clippers or a Dremel tool to trim your pet's nails safely and quickly. If your pet can stand the sound of the Dremel tool, we suggest going that route. This tool files nails down to a shorter length and removes sharp edges.

Call (517) 625-7465 to ask us about our nail trimming services. Toe nail trims Monday nights 5 pm -7 pm or by appointment only.

See why regular nail trimming is important for your furry friend

Overgrown toenails can harm your pet and damage your floors. Choose Lori Loves Pets for pet's nail trimming services. Regular nail trimming can:

Keep overgrown toenails from hurting your pet's feet
Allow your pet to walk and run comfortably
Improve your pet's posture
Reduce scratches on your flooring

Contact us today with any questions. (517) 625-7465