Is Your Couch Covered in Dog Hair?

Is Your Couch Covered in Dog Hair?

Get de-shedding services today

Are you tired of vacuuming up mounds of pet hair? We can help. Lori Loves Pets provides reliable de-shedding services. We start by using very warm water to open the follicles and release hair. Then we brush, brush, brush and rinse with cooler water to close the follicles and keep healthy hair. Finally, we blow dry with a forced-air dryer (no heat used) to remove any more loose hair. This process removes underlying loose hair to reduce shedding.

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3 great reasons to schedule de-shedding services

Tired of sitting on furniture that's coated in dog hair? Visit our location ASAP. Lori Loves Pets can reduce your pet's shedding using specialized bathing and scrubbing techniques. De-shedding services can:

1. Keep your pet cool
2. Improve your indoor air quality
3. Reduce allergy symptoms

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