Help Your Pet Look and Feel Their Best

Help Your Pet Look and Feel Their Best

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When was the last time your four-legged friend had a thorough bath and a professional haircut? Turn to Lori Loves Pets for dog, cat and rabbit grooming services. You can trust us to take excellent care of your furry friends, no matter what breed or size they may be. During you pet's grooming session, we will:

Give them an initial haircut
Bathe them
Dry them with towels and then a forced-air dryer (no heat used)
Give them a finishing haircut
Clean their ears
Trim their nails
Grace them with a bandana and a spritz of cologne

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Discover the benefits of professional pet grooming

Lori Loves Pets can groom your dogs, cats and rabbits. Professional grooming services can help:

Maintain healthy coats and skin
Keep nails short and reinforce healthy foot structure
Improve the appearance and odor of pets
Identify health issues
Reduce shedding

Contact us today to arrange for trustworthy pet grooming services. (517) 625-7465